Small Pipes with Iain MacHarg

Iain MacHarg, Director of the Vermont Institute of Celtic Art will spearhead the new Traditional Music Ensemble (TME) program.

The program is NOT LIMITED TO PIPERS!  guitar, flute, whistle, mandolin, banjo, key boards, fiddle and of course percussion (both hand and stick) are all welcome.  This course has been created for musicians with the basic skills required to play their instruments and who wish to develop their skills playing with other musicians.  We regret that due to the short duration of the school, it is not practical to offer instruction for novice students who have not yet learned their instruments.

Workshops, Caintaireachd Choir, and Recitals

Morning sessions with Donald Lindsay--you’ll definitely be ready for the day, Evening Workshops and events, Thursday Evening Instructor Recital & Student Ceilidh. 

Band Sessions--2023

Bring your band and receive coaching each afternoon!

Performance Evaluations

Students will have an opportunity to receive a Performance Evaluation with an Invermark Instructor on competition or non-competition material.

Invermark Piping & Drumming Summer School

Pipes & Drums Classes

 Students will see most Instructors on a rotational basis. 

3-4 Classes per day with our World Class Instructors.   Beginner, Intermediate, Professional, Adult or youth--we have classes geared towards your level and need