Accommodations are your responsibility and we recommend Kaatskill  Mountian Club. There are plenty of other options to customize your week at Invermark based upon your needs and budget.  

The region provides an number options in the area to suit your needs.  If you would like to share with another student please contact

​Christina Hanks at:

Grocery Stores:

It is suggested to stop at the Wal-Mart in Catskill, NY on your way up the Mountain.   

​There is an IGA in Tannersville, NY with a smaller selection

Coming with your family?   There is tons to do in the Catskills--hike, bike, wine, arts, fine dining, history.  

Check out: for more informationType your paragraph here.

Other Accommodations can be found at:

Also nearby in East Durham

The Kaatskill Mountain Club 


This is where most of Invermark's Students stay.   A fine hotel in a wonderful mountain setting with a variety of dining options (full service or kitchen)

Ask for the Invermark Rate ----USE CODE: Invermark 16

​​www.Kaatskill Mountain

​​7740 Main St, Hunter, NY 12442


Invermark Piping & Drumming 

Summer School